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SINCE 2009

It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

– Mother Teresa

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APRIN Mission
  • Rural people are the backbones of the country. Unfortunately, rural development is one of the neglected areas of our country. We, APRINS, are determined to join hands in uplifting the rural people.
  • APRINS, a determined society believes this as the first step towards a great mission.
  • To promote participatory democracy, educate, organize and empower the rural poor who would in future act like catalyst in promoting gender equality, justice, socio-economic growth and self-reliance.


APRIN Vision

We envisage a society free from all kind of exploitation and injustice and where no one remains hungry, unemployed, illiterate and exploited.

The Vision of the Society is to make the people of this region technically smart, strong and dynamic and up-liftmen of down trodden through Govt. and Non Govt. Sponsored Schemes and participating in various activities for protection of the interest of the helpless, oppressed and needy masses and their well-being, as well as aiming to provide training for agricultural development, developing skills for youths in both rural and urban areas across the country through Govt. and Non-Govt. Sponsored Scheme.


APRINS plays a supporting role, which is of a catalyst and a facilitator. The organization has this distinctive strategy to empower the weaker sections of the society to providing information, encourage them to fight for their rights and motivate them to participate in the development processes.

In conformity with this, the programs are need based and sustainable, technically and economically feasible and socially viable. The motivation and initiative comes from the people and their perspective. The strategy is such that the people are actively involved in program planning and implementation. The transparency and high level of work culture is maintained for time bound qualitative and quantitative achievements.

aprins as a pillar of trust

APRINS relationship
APRINS is continuously working for almost every group of our society irrespective of any culture, colour, language or caste they belong to. APRINS has done works worthy of be the pillar of trust for the people that need to be taken care of.
  • Women, youths and children belonging to poor and backward communities,
  • Physically Challenged persons,
  • Sick and old persons who need support for survival,
  • Elected Members are both men and women from local self-governance.

nature of interventions

  • Community organizing and strengthening the group for influencing policies in favor of the most poor and marginalized.
  • Promote innovative ideas, which would stimulate change within the civil society.
  • Empowerment of the powerless especially women, dalits and the marginalized.
  • Promoting Gender equality at all levels.
  • Capacity building of individuals and groups for empowering them.

our objectives

  • To promote quality Computer Education to the New Generation through established modern Training Institute.
  • To provide training to various Engineering students with quality Education.
  • To make the people of this region technically smart, strong & dynamic.

our core values

  • Putting the last first. Work for the poor and the marginalized people.
  • Participation is a process, which leads to empowerment of the poor and the marginalized.
  • Promote value based Education& Sports of Children especially the under-privileged and marginalized.

Funding sources

  • Donation
  • Membership Fee
  • Subscription
  • Community Contribution

areas of activities

  • Skill Development
  • Sustainable Livelihood Promotion
  • Advocacy
  • Health & Hygine
  • Campaign
  • Computer Education
  • Training for engineering students
  • Vocational Training
  • Job Oriented Training
  • To protect & publicize the rights of women
  • Promote sports
  • Rural Development
  • Development of the environment
  • Prevent cruelties of all animals and birds
  • Women empowerment
  • Preservation of our natural resources
  • Welfare activities for the eradication of child labour
  • Physically training
  • Cultural Program
  • Development of Games & Sports in all sector
  • Seminars /Symposium/ Conference
  • Formation of SHG groups

Skill development program

APRINS has provided skill development training to over one thousand educated rural youths of several rural areas in various training centres in Jorhat, Golaghat , Guwahati so improve their skills in entrepreneurship activities in health-care, sports and academic sectors since 2010.

Skill Development

Livelihood activities

APRINS has arranged many programs in the rural areas to increase the engagement of people in various activities that includes handicrafts, dairy, etc.


Special activities for backward class community

APRINS never put its foot backward to improve any backward or minor class community from encouraging them to acquire skills or knowledge.


international women's day celebration

International Womens Day Celebrations were organized by APRINS to celebrate the empowerment of women. This recent event was organized at a very broad level in Assam.

women's day celebration
women's day celebration

OUr partners



Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
Govt. of India



National Backward Classes Finance & Development Corporation
Govt. of India



Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship
Govt. of India

Oil India Limited

Oil India Limited

Directorate of Sericulture

Directorate of Sericulture

Govt. of Assam

Directorate of Dairy

Directorate of Dairy Development

Govt. of Assam

Assam Police

Assam Police Recruitment Board

Govt. of Assam



North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Limted



IT Solutions


Assam State Biodiversity Board

Govt. of Assam



North East Centre for Technology Application and Reach, Govt. of India


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