The right decisions come from the right focus. You’ll succeed if your focus is on the mission, not the money..

-Robert Kiyosaki

OUR Main & Long term objectives

Our objectives are more specific and easier to measure than goals to meet effective planning and strategic activities to be performed with ease.

  • To promote quality Computer Education to the New Generation through established modern Training Institute.
  • To provide training to various Engineering students with quality Education.
  • To make the people of this region technically smart, strong & dynamic.
  • To make the people of this region technically smart, strong & dynamic.
  • To provide consultancy services to other NGO / Trust / SHG about different Technical or Non-Technical Educational information.
  •  To undertake all kinds of constructive and beneficial activities for the upliftment of economic status and economic advancement, through the conduction of vocational training n different trades for the people of the society.
  • To protect and publicize the rights of woman in the family and in the society by educating the masses and by causing the people to be vigilant against all kinds of physical and mental torture and harassment of women in our society.
  • To make all-out efforts to bring the mis-led youth, who have taken up violent ways to bring changes in the society, back to the national mainstream.
  • To keep, maintain, and promote national integration of the country by conducting awareness generating programs among the masses.
  • To keep maintain and promote communal harmony in the country by conducting awareness generating programs among the masses.
  • To work for the development of the environment, to reduce all kinds of pollution, and to generate healthy environment; to prevent deforestation, to conserve forests and wild animals, and to maintain our eco-system and bio-diversity in order to ensure healthy living for all human beings.
  • To prevent cruelties to all animals and birds, whether domestic or wild, by educating the masses towards more human behaviour to our fellow creatures, and by helping to enforce all the anti animal-cruelty laws of the land.
  • Create employment Generation & youth Entrepreneur.
  • Any other welfare activity for the people & the society.

our core values

Our core values are the fundamental beliefs of our organization. These plays an important role in building the relationship of trust with APRINS.

  • Putting the last first. Work for the poor and the marginalized.
  • Participation is a process, which leads to empowerment of the poor and the marginalized.
  • Promote value based Education& Sports of Children especially the under-privileged and marginalized.
  • Put Women’s and Children at the center of all developmental initiatives.
  • Maintain transparencies and accountability in all programs.
  • Efficient and effective work by all staff, which would achieve professional standards of performance.
  • Developing a very clear understanding of all projects, roles and responsibilities is an important prerequisite.
  • Teamwork and commitment in any job assigned.
  • Completing the job assigned well within the speculated time period.
  • Regularly upgrading the skills and knowledge and always strive for excellence.
  • Fight of the right of the poor.
  • Promote People cantered development initiatives and ensure people’s participation especially women and child.

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