The dairy industry plays a vital role in the agricultural landscape of Northeast India, contributing significantly to the region's economy and livelihoods of rural communities. The abundance of natural resources, favourable climatic conditions, and vast grazing lands make the Northeast region highly suitable for dairy farming.

In order to promote and strengthen the dairy industry in the Northeast, APRINS has taken various initiatives. One of the key initiatives undertaken by APRINS is the conduct of awareness programs in 11 district pockets identified as having high potential for dairy development. These programs aim to educate and empower local farmers about the benefits of dairy farming, best practices in animal husbandry, and modern milk production and processing techniques.

Furthermore, APRINS has focused on organizing milk producers into Dairy Cooperative Societies, which serve as a platform for efficient procurement, processing, and marketing of dairy products. By bringing together milk producers, these cooperative societies facilitate collective bargaining power, fair pricing, and improved access to resources, thereby ensuring the welfare of the farmers.

By focusing on awareness, organization, and cooperative growth, APRINS aims to unlock the region's dairy potential, thereby contributing to economic growth, employment generation, and improved livelihoods for farmers.