APRINS has been at the forefront of promoting sports and recreational activities across various communities and districts. The organization's dedication and commitment to creating a positive impact through sports have been commendable. One of their notable initiatives, the Peace and Harmony Football Cup, stands as a testament to their efforts.

The Peace and Harmony Football Cup, organized by APRINS, brought together young talents from all walks of life and aimed to promote unity and understanding among the youth. The tournament encompassed an impressive scale, covering 22 districts across the state, providing a platform for under-14 football players to showcase their skills and foster camaraderie.

Capacity Building

APRINS is dedicated to enhancing the capacity of farmers in the field of Farmer Producer Companies (FPC) by promoting awareness about FPC, facilitating market linkages, ensuring FPC compliance, enabling value addition to products, and fostering brand building for Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO). Additionally, APRINS also extends its support in areas such as dairy development, scientific beekeeping, handloom, and more.


APRINS aims to empower rural communities in Northeast India by facilitating access to various livelihood opportunities. It focuses on initiatives such as forming Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), promoting handloom, dairy farming, and scientific beekeeping. APRINS strives to enhance the resilience and income generation capabilities of low-income individuals, contributing to the overall development of rural livelihoods in the region.


APRINS has made significant contributions in the field of education by expanding access to underprivileged children and implementing innovative ideas to enhance the quality of primary education. Their initiatives include the formation of student groups and awareness programs, effectively reaching out to children. APRINS has also excelled in skill development initiatives, focusing on areas such as retail, patient care, office management, secretarial practice, beauty, and healthcare.